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Play WildWords On A Table Or Windows Computer For $2

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Why This Page?

I am running out of games. Of the 5,500 games produced, only a few hundred remain. I am still hoping Oprah (a Scrabble player) will see the revolution in this game and take it over. For a couple of reasons (i.e. money and age), I will not be doing another printing completely on my own. But I would like to keep the number of WildWords players growing with the best options I can provide.

Note: I just created a group on FACEBOOK named "Goodbye Scrabble, Hello WildWords." Please search for it on Facebook or take this link. If you know nothing about WildWords, there is a photo album called "Overview" at Facebook which offers a minimal amout of reading (with pictures) to understand the game. Join the group if you would like to keep an eye on WildWords, ask questions, or post pictures of your great games. I will check the page now and then.

The Fee:

This $2 fee could help. And, I am not asking anyone to pay it if they don't enjoy playing WildWords on a table with the special kit or on their computer. 

Some Links For Later:

The Home Page  which speaks for the game and provides a gateway to much more stuff.
Windows Version to practice and learn the game, and possibly play an opponent via the Internet.

And One Link For Right Now:

A Customer's Experience  that warms the heart.

The above story (exaggerating slightly) is a Hallmark type fairytale of pre-holiday despair, happenstance, epiphany moments, and a mind-bending journey ending with a reversal of fortunes. It's fun and informative.

Executive Summary:

To start, you need to use some skills you developed in kindergarden -- scissor along straight lines, tape panels together, and cover some tiles with small squares of masking tape. The multi-letter wild tiles represent the biggest leap vis-a-vis all other word games. WildWords welcomes
the full richness of English. Every word from animalistic (ANIM*IC) to zombiesque (ZOM*QUE) can be played.

With every element (board, tiles, and every rule) of WildWords, I have tried to eliminate hopeless trays and increase game play possibilities. WildWords is dedicated to all the words we know, but never write or use in speech. That actually has a name. It's your "passive vocabulary,"
and playing WildWords builds a bridge to it.

What you need to play WildWords on a board (Kit):

1. The Rules -- You will get a link to a PDF file of the rules which you are licensed to print. Such files are used with the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free. You probably already have it.

2.  The Board -- You will get a link to four PDF files (shown below) which you are licensed to print. You will need to trim these with scissors and tape them together. If you have a Scrabble™ Deluxe Set the same as mine, pay attention later. You are in luck!

3. The Tiles --  The distribution of letters in WildWords is based on their occurance in words of all lengths. The same is true of the point values. For the correct distribution, you will need to remove 18 specific tiles from a Scrabble
set and convert 12 of those to an asterisk/wild tile. Six tiles will remain unused. Some Scrabble point values are different from WildWords. It's nice but not necessary to change them. It takes the same skills to find a great 7-tile play with a 10 point Z (Scrabble) as it does with a 7 point Z (WildWords). And WildWords is all about finding 7-tile plays more often than not.

The major innovations in WildWords are the twelve wild multi-letter tiles, the all new turn-to-wild squares, the board layout (which promotes comebacks), and rules which open up the board, provide a plethora of opportunities, and encourage taking risks when you are behind.

With a bit of masking tape, you can start experiencing this game using your current tiles without harming any of them.

4. The Trays -- You can use your Scrabble™ trays or improvise something. Keeping tiles behind a thick book makes it easy to shuffle them around. And, WildWords takes a lot of shuffling to stimulate your imagination and recognize parts of longer words, common endings, etc.

Scrabble Deluxe?

If you should happen to have the Scrabble™ Deluxe that I have with a removable plastic grid and a playing area of 14.5 inches tall by 13.5 inches wide, the printed WildWords board can be taped to the back of the cardboard Scrabble™ board insert allowing you to use your nice plastic grid with either game.
Below is a picture of this set with the board in place. The word played is DICOMBOBULATING which WildWords can be. The tiles were a solid maroon color. Those in the picture have stickers over them. They were used long ago to make some prototypes.

This board appears to be no longer for sale though tens of thousands must own it.

Some Final Notes:

Amazon sells a variety of Scrabble tile sets if you have none or want to buy a new set of tiles (check size).  You can also buy a complete inexpensive Scrabble set to get the trays and potentially a backing board as well. You might consider putting together a ready to go WildWords package with a modified board, a copy of the rules, and altered tiles as a gift.

I personally feel a certain sadness when I read newspaper articles about youngsters studying the Official Scrabble Dictionary to become stars of that game. Pursuing a knowledge of oddball words that serve no other purpose but winning at Scrabble seems like a waste to me. WildWords, on the other hand, encourages and exposes a good working vocabulary. You play WildWords with a scholarly reference dictionary (available online if you don't have one). I put "Ages 10 to Adult" on the shrink-wrapped box to be safe. But I have seen some eight year olds grasp the wild tile concept more readily than their parents.

It is possible to play WildWords as some sort of easy Scrabble by using the wild tiles like single letter blanks in Scrabble
. But that is not playing WildWords. You have to target for a 7-tile play at every turn and that necessitates unleashing the full power of asterisk tiles to fill gaps in words. You will need some blind faith at first until you, yourself, have made 7-tile plays with trays that first appeared mediocre.


If you decide to keep and continue to play WildWords on the board or with the computer program, please pay the $2 fee. The honor system is in force.

You can pay the $2 by wrapping the bills in a sheet of paper and mailing that in an envelope to the address below. 
You can also pay the $2 option with a credit card via PayPal (a secure system). I would prefer PayPal be used. No account is needed. You can do the transaction as a guest. And, frankly, I will not be proscecuting anyone to the fullest extent of the law just for trying the game and forgetting to pay.

Peter Roizen
WildWords Game Company
PO Box 7586
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96158

If you want to pay more (now or later) to help the cause, you should use PayPal. The amount can be increased in $2 increments by increasing the quantity on the PayPal order page.

If you want to give a kit and/or computer version to one or more friends, increase the quantity appropriately.
As I said, the honor system is in force. You can email them the statement below that includes the link to this page with your own message. The cost is less than a nice card and who knows what the impact might be. If worst comes to worst, remember, it's the thought that counts. If best comes to best, well, read the Hallmark story link. One thing for sure, you will not be insulting anyone's intelligence.

I prepaid a WildWords kit and computer version for you at:

If someone sent you the message above, your kit and program have been prepaid. Go to the instructions.

As far as the general population goes, WildWords is unheard of. If you feel there is an idea and offer here that's worthy of passing on, please do it. To find this page at a later date, it might be best to bookmark it now.

The link for the instructions is below the "Add to Cart" button. You are welcome to browse and even try WildWords first to verify that the instructions work. You can push the button later.

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