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Shipments outside the US and Canada are no longer available.
The final straw after constantly rising shipping fees and more complicated forms
was the appearance of new, surprisingly high tariffs!

Orders are shipped from California.

BTW, there are often a few new (probably gifted) games available at Amazon and
EBay at lower prices. Search for WildWords Game with quotation marks around
"WildWords." I hate to see games in the hands of persons who never opened the box.

I accept payments via pages at PayPal.com (an EBay company). You do not need to have or create a PayPal account. You can use any major credit card for the transaction.

For the lower 48 states, shipments are sent UPS or Postal Service.
If your address is not valid for one or the other, please notify me by email.

Shipments to Alaska or Hawaii are usually sent 3 Day Priority Mail.

Outside the U.S., single game shipments are usually sent First Class Mail.


Look down the PayPal "Review Order" page before you push the button to make the payment. The shipping address is displayed and may be edited. PayPal should have made it more prominent!

Just email peter@wildwords.us if you're worried you have not given
a correct shipping address. Please do it ASAP.

Gift wrapping, a note in the box?
I'll be happy to help out. Send me a note.

Not only is gameplay great, the pieces are incredible.
These are First Edition, spare no cost, games from a limited run.

"Unlike most new games, WildWords exudes a high-quality feel... It feels like an old-fashioned game with a new-fangled twist."
Sherrie Saint John, Moderator, Crossword Games Pro Group

"... the tile holders are probably the best tile holders ever to hold a game tile. Smooth. Cool. Hefty. With wood-protectors, even."

Bernie DeKoven, Major Fun

"... unusually high quality tiles and tile trays."

"What's in here? A brick?"

Seasoned game distributor on first being handed a copy.

Choose the button in the correct row (number of games) and column (shipping destination). Only single games can be shipped to other countries. The prices shown include shipping to one address. For California residents, sales tax will be added. For desires not covered by the table below, email peter@wildwords.us providing the number of games and destination(s). I can give you the price and you can use the special order button at the bottom of this page to pay the exact amount. Games are three pounds.
Games: Ship to 48 States Ship to Alaska or Hawaii
(Standard Post)

Ship to Canada Ship to  UK, Australia, or New Zealand




No longer



$50 per game
Extra game: $40.00


$60 per game
Extra game: $50,00



$46.67 per game
Extra game: $40.00

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